Presentation of the brotherhood.(TARIQA)

         Our Suffi brotherhood which carries the name of “ Tarika Al-Hachimiyya Habibiyya Darquawiyya Chadhiliyya Brotherhood” was founded by our master, the one who knows the almighty God,  Sidi Mohammed Ibn El-Habib (may God be pleased with him) in 1911, and was renewed by our master, Moulay Hachem El-Belghiti (may God protect him)in 1997. It naturally perpetuates the Sunni Sufisme built on the Book and tradition, (Sunna) since its birth till the time which is ours. The commitment to the path of the Prophet towards the purification of the self, the bleaching of the heart by the teaching, the good behavior and the spiritual renewal was moved through the permission granted from one person to another starting from the Prophet (may the benediction and peace of God be upon him) till our good actual master, (may God be satisfied with him) through men of recognized value of our brotherhood.

The pillars of the brotherhood are in number of three:

  • The science and the works.
  • The reminder of the name of God and the teaching.
  • The companionship and the right manners.

            It has also some rules and usages which should be learnt by whomever wants to enter in the brotherhood, so he will know what he would expect: he should have the permission of the living master, (Cheikh) of the authorized responsible by the master, or from the person whom the master has authorized to teach his litanies. In fact, this brotherhood is the one of good behavior, and not the one of prosperity.